Are you an owner?

Every year approximately 6 million tourists visit Costa Blanca, and 150 thousand are parked in hotels and hostels. Yes. It seems that most prefer to rent homes through portals such as Booking, Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia.... 
There are more than 150 websites where owners can post their home for vacation rental. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
Well, it just seems, because there are several factors you have to consider. 
Reasonable prices, good photos, updated calendar at all times, check-in and check-out, cleaning control, 24H customer service, airport transfer... what else?

If you want your home to work, let us do it for you!
Siix Holidays acts as a rental managing company. We are taking care of your holiday home and we ensure that you are ready to receive guests. 
Here is the list of procedures we can offer:

• Ask for a tourist license
• Marketing and advertising on the 45+ portals (attractive descriptions, beautiful photos etc)
• We analyze the market and propose competitive and comfortable prices for the owner and the guest.
• Cleaning, laundry and maintenance service
• Airport pick-up service. So the guest feels welcome and safe will come back or recommend your home to friends.

That the owner wins? Time and money.
We are working on the booking percentage and only the confirmed and made bookings.
Our job is to turn housing into a vacation home for the guest and a source of income for the owner!

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Are you an owner?